Small Business Owners: Are Your Assets Protected?

Small Business Owners:

Ever feel like this picture?

You probably know all the “best practices” for operating your business.

Things like:

1. The best ways to get customers.

2. How to service your customers to solve their problem.

3. How to get your customers to come back again

4. How to get your customers to spend more with you.

5. How to hire the right people and get them to perform on their own

6. How to leverage your business so you don’t have to work long hours

7. How to implement the systems that have your business run itself with you just overseeing

— Right?

And those are great things to have in place. Many successful businesses have been built with those steps.

But here’s the thing:

You are feeling a breeze back there where ya sit?

Feelin’ a bit exposed? Maybe really feeling bare a—ed?

Seems like your entire financial future goes out with your employees driving out every morning?

Worried about what would happen if a customer sued you with a lawsuit?

What will happen if your co-owner dies or can’t come back to work?

Or your co-owner gets divorced and the ex-spouse gets the ownership of the business?

Are those what is causing that chill back there?
Feeling like you are really hanging out there (with no safety net)?

If so, I’m glad we connected.
I’m Jim Montgomery,, and I protect business owners.

I help small business owners with their asset protection programs so they can stop worrying about covering their six, so to speak.

Just what you want to talk about right?

I know, no one wants to talk about painful stuff. After all, it might never happen.

‘member the guy in the Bond film? “I am invincible!”

Well, I don’t want to just talk about it. Let’s fix it.

Was your business formed to protect your ___? No, I meant assets.

Are you referring to your co-owners as partners (but you don’t have a partnership)?

Did you just talk about getting that buy sell agreement together?

Do you even know whether your co-owners (or heaven forbid you) have a valid will and financial power of attorney?

Do you have a 90 day plan in writing for what happens if you don’t come back from lunch and the car wreck for six weeks? Or worse, you don’t come back?

Are you working 60 to 70 hours a week (or more) and thinking that is the way a business is supposed to work?

Let’s do a quick audit together and see where you are.

This is all about YOU . . . and YOUR FAMILY.

See for yourself.

Just go to and enter your name and email to watch a short video I put together on some of the top problems facing business owners.

I’ll also send you a free audit questionnaire straight to your inbox.

Let’s get you covered up,


Business owner, former banker, business owner protector at www.jamesmontgomerylaw.comOMG


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